Sunday, March 29, 2009

mY eXPERiEncE sittinG fOR mY tEsT

I already took the test for my speaking, listening and writing last several last weeks. For me, speaking, listening and writing test is very different compared to the last semester. I have done many new steps for this semester test such as how to great, how to end my task, the time given for us to discuss about our task and many things.

I have problems when I did speaking test. I made mistakes because I elaborated my points which were out of topic.I did not read the question carefully.The questions wanted me to told about how to make a good campaign but what I told was about the benefits for the campaign.I realize my mistakes when my friends told me.That a big mistakes that I have done for my speaking test.

But, I think I don't have any problem about my writing and listening test.However, I still don't know wheather I make careless mistakes for the both test.I hope I did them better and get the good results.


  1. i got misunderstand bout da topic too..uhuk3

  2. a'ah....i know u also out of topic..hehe

  3. Fortunately, I brought you back on track..Good luck for your final, ya!

  4. Tq miss...Insyaallah..I'll try my best..