Sunday, February 8, 2009

~~U knOw..what I would LikE 2 cHangE abOuT mUsELf??~~

As u know, everyone makes mistake in their life... No one will be perfect when they do something... That's also same with me.. Although I cannot be perfect but, I still want to change something about myself.. Especially, when I am be with someone...

The main thing that I want to change myself is about my attitude.. I need to understand and respect more about people around me.. So that, they will never be hurt.. Sometimes, I feel so regret about what I have done to others because I like to do same thing that they don't like it.. I called them with bad name.. I makes over jokes that's they dont like.. I talk bAck about them.. All I do this I know my mistake..I am really sorry to zila, zatiey and farah.. PleZZ forgive me... I'll try to be matured and not too childish..


  1. so k ilah...
    we r frens..n WE LUV U..

  2. gud luck ilah....
    hope dat u can do it as well as u can....

  3. thanks eiyz and green rose... u must support me.. i'll try my best to change my attitude..thanks again

  4. Good luck dear..I know you can do it..

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  6. Insyaallah miSS sYaz..I'll try my best...