Sunday, January 11, 2009

~~hmm..mY expeRience beinG a UITMT Student foR onE SemeSter~~

This is the first time I continue my study at University. The situation of study here and at school is very different. I have many experience here for one semester i have being here..

First, I know how to dependent myself.. When I study at Uitm, I not again depend to my family.. What I have done, and what I want to decide, I must do it myself.. I know how to live myself without my family in my side...

As I'm here, I can make friends who are different state from me.. If I have problem, they are person that will help and courage me.. When I study at secondary school, all of my friends live at terengganu..So, I never know someone that live different state with me. But, I have the chance when I study at Uitmt..

Everything is different when I study at Uitmt.. A dinner for chemical engineering members, festival college, and so on...These last semester events t are always in my memory.. Something like that never happens when I study at secondary school...


  1. to smalll la...
    i cannot read this....

  2. uitmt dungun?
    whoa...sama la kite..
    part 1 ya?
    i'm ur senior then..part 5.
    tua sudey..isk3!

  3. no..i dont think small...i think u and aiman have eyes problem..hehe..

  4. yap!!no.. i'm part 2...hehe..dont worry..u don't look like old..hehe-to kin

  5. It's good to know that you can adapt to the campus life..Take care..

  6. thank you miss syaz!!....I'm so appreciate to being here..