Monday, January 26, 2009

~~Aarrgh!!hOw i sPend mY hOliday...~~

Hmm..I think maybe this time everyone has enjoy their holiday..This is the chance that they are waiting for..Some of them feel so tension because of study..So, this is the right time to release tension and have fun..

But, I do not feel that way because I think this holiday make me don't get enough rest..How can I spend my holiday with enjoy if I have many2 assignment and report to do..Lab report, assignment cTU, assignment bEL, and tutorial physical eng and so on.. These all I need to do for a week and submit to the next week..

But, I never feel that these is load for me..I like to busy myself..hehe..So, I don't feel bored..Although I need to spend my holiday at home..I will enjoy my holiday for the sem break..That's my PROMISE......huuk..huuk...


  1. These are the thing that you must endure if you want to be successful..