Sunday, March 29, 2009

mY eXPERiEncE sittinG fOR mY tEsT

I already took the test for my speaking, listening and writing last several last weeks. For me, speaking, listening and writing test is very different compared to the last semester. I have done many new steps for this semester test such as how to great, how to end my task, the time given for us to discuss about our task and many things.

I have problems when I did speaking test. I made mistakes because I elaborated my points which were out of topic.I did not read the question carefully.The questions wanted me to told about how to make a good campaign but what I told was about the benefits for the campaign.I realize my mistakes when my friends told me.That a big mistakes that I have done for my speaking test.

But, I think I don't have any problem about my writing and listening test.However, I still don't know wheather I make careless mistakes for the both test.I hope I did them better and get the good results.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

~~Ehem2...mY drEAm mAn~~

I don't know how to start and write my blog this time when miSS sYaz told us to post a blog that the title has been given by her.."mY dream man.."This is the title that I need to post about.. Actually, I don't like to tell everyone about this..But, I think all of my friends want me to share about this with them..Right??..OKAY!!I'll tell you..

In my life, I never dream to have someone "perfect".. I just want someone that always understand and love me the most.. I don't want he do everything for me but what I want is what he think is better for me to do..If he cannot always be in my side, I dont care because I dont want to take his freedom by force..

What is important is he must have a religion(islam). He is not too childish but likes to make jokes.. If he need to handle something important, he will be serious.. I dream a "sederhana" man when he do something...That's a few thing that I can share with you all....Thanks!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

~~huh!!thE bEst thing that ever happen in mY lifE~~

Do you know what is the best thing that ever happen in my life??If I tell you all,you will remember it..The best thing that ever happen in my life is when you all sing a "BIRTHDAY SONG" for me at the BEL class that night. I feel so shy so, I cannot look at at you.. But, I'm really appreciate it..I feel like want to cry because of that song..I'm very happy to have a classmate like you all...This things like this never happen in my life until now... My ex-classmate never sing a song like this like you all...I'lll never ever forget it... NNNNNEEEEEVVVVVVEEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

~~U knOw..what I would LikE 2 cHangE abOuT mUsELf??~~

As u know, everyone makes mistake in their life... No one will be perfect when they do something... That's also same with me.. Although I cannot be perfect but, I still want to change something about myself.. Especially, when I am be with someone...

The main thing that I want to change myself is about my attitude.. I need to understand and respect more about people around me.. So that, they will never be hurt.. Sometimes, I feel so regret about what I have done to others because I like to do same thing that they don't like it.. I called them with bad name.. I makes over jokes that's they dont like.. I talk bAck about them.. All I do this I know my mistake..I am really sorry to zila, zatiey and farah.. PleZZ forgive me... I'll try to be matured and not too childish..

Friday, January 30, 2009

~~mY hAppY dAy!!~~


1. My family especially kak Ayu & kak Nor
2. Izati
3. Zila
4. Efa
5. Kak Ain
6. Am
7. Ainun
8. Ain
9. Dini
10. Lia
11. Nady
12. Aiman
13. Cupik
14. Laili
15. Tirah
16. Naim
17. Hasriah
18. Ziqah
19. Amin
20. Cg Nora Adella
21. Miss Najmin
22. Bob
23. Tin
24. Umie
25. Wae
26. cT
27. mY classmate and miSS sYaz
28. tEoh
29. Abang Nae

Monday, January 26, 2009

~~Aarrgh!!hOw i sPend mY hOliday...~~

Hmm..I think maybe this time everyone has enjoy their holiday..This is the chance that they are waiting for..Some of them feel so tension because of study..So, this is the right time to release tension and have fun..

But, I do not feel that way because I think this holiday make me don't get enough rest..How can I spend my holiday with enjoy if I have many2 assignment and report to do..Lab report, assignment cTU, assignment bEL, and tutorial physical eng and so on.. These all I need to do for a week and submit to the next week..

But, I never feel that these is load for me..I like to busy myself..hehe..So, I don't feel bored..Although I need to spend my holiday at home..I will enjoy my holiday for the sem break..That's my PROMISE......huuk..huuk...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

~~hmm..mY expeRience beinG a UITMT Student foR onE SemeSter~~

This is the first time I continue my study at University. The situation of study here and at school is very different. I have many experience here for one semester i have being here..

First, I know how to dependent myself.. When I study at Uitm, I not again depend to my family.. What I have done, and what I want to decide, I must do it myself.. I know how to live myself without my family in my side...

As I'm here, I can make friends who are different state from me.. If I have problem, they are person that will help and courage me.. When I study at secondary school, all of my friends live at terengganu..So, I never know someone that live different state with me. But, I have the chance when I study at Uitmt..

Everything is different when I study at Uitmt.. A dinner for chemical engineering members, festival college, and so on...These last semester events t are always in my memory.. Something like that never happens when I study at secondary school...